How to join a lottery syndicate?

The lotter - player reviews and comparison with agent lotto - which is better?

The easiest way to identify a scam.

It is necessary to search the website for the details of the legal entity (OGRN, INN). Usually write in contacts, or at the bottom of each page in the footer. Or in the user agreement (privacy policy). In connection with the change in the law "On Personal Data" 152-ФЗ dated 29.07.2017 any site where you need to specify your data, is obliged to indicate your details. All such subscription pages must have a Privacy Policy, where are the details.

So that, if there are no details, definitely not worth getting involved with the project.

If details are available, we check them on the website of the tax authorities for data compliance. And we carefully read all sorts of agreements, which are available on the site.

And only then we make our balanced decision about interaction with the project.

What lotteries are going to earn in the Alpha Syndicate project??

How to join a lottery syndicate?Lokhotron Lottery Lotto Laker

By the way, the domain from the mail region-holdingmet30 .ru leads to a redirect to the second video. And he is also on the same IP with the groupte-rainter15 .ru domain, which in turn leads to a redirect to the Tera Online scam website about making money on bitcoin (article about him here). The link from the letter goes through the jt-mediasend07 .ru domain after checking which we see a large number on the same server of a whole bunch of domains for spam emails and redirects. What is unthinkable for a reputable company! Back to our goats. So this third video is already on another site - lottolucker .win

How to join a lottery syndicate?credibility of lottolucker .win site

Check this site too. And we see on one IP a galaxy of sites of clones of the lottery scam Lotto Laker with different domains: lottolucker .win lottolucker .net lottolucker .com lottolucker .org You can read a lot of interesting reviews about scammers on them. And now it turns out that Sergey Voskoboinikov offers to earn money on this scam.

There is already enough evidence for the hedgehog in the fog, that the Alpha Syndicate project is a scam, divorce, kidalovo, crooks, fraud. As they say - what was required to prove. And it turns out, that Lotto Laker projects have one owner, Alpha Syndicate, Opera System and Tera Online. What is the size of this fraudulent network and how many people have already been affected ... When will we see justice?

Who nevertheless managed to suffer from them - report the actor to the police. You can use the data from our review. Share this article with your friends - it will save them from ruin. And do not forget that the head was given not only to wear a hat - there is also a brain and they NEED TO THINK!

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Russian lottery syndicates

Russian law does not prohibit participating in groups and creating lottery syndicates. There are many lotteries in the country, where groups are allowed.

Stoloto is the country's official lottery organizer. It combines several dozen different draws. This is Russian Lotto, Housing lottery and others. Coupons can only be purchased at official points of sale. Coupon prices range from 20 to 200-250 rubles. - portal, where you can join a ready-made team or create your own. According to citizens' reviews, this website can be trusted. Winnings are from 100 rubles and above. Apartments are constantly raffled, cars, at home.

How to join a lottery syndicate?

Other tickets in Russia occupy a lower position in the rating, and too few members to create a syndicate. This situation is due to the fact, that the state supervises and controls the activities of the country's main organizer. Hence the trust of citizens and the chance of selling all coupons in the circulation. Citizens throughout Russia win good sums of money every week.

There are intermediaries for the introduction of lottery syndicates, taking heavy commissions for services. Experts advise against using questionable services, but go and register on the official website of the state lottery.

All tickets go through the verification procedure, which eliminates the chance of getting a fake coupon. Similar drawings have been held since the times of the USSR. Money can be withdrawn in any convenient way, and jackpot winners or cars, apartments or houses are placed in the newspaper and on the website.

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