Types of gambling in Luxembourg

European lotteries

Gaming Regulators

Ministry of Justice (Ministry of Justice) issues permits for private operators, who offer sports betting services, casinos and lotteries. If the total amount of lottery tickets issued is less than or equal to 12 500 EUR, the permit is issued by the council of elders (College of Mayor and Aldermen) or municipality, where is the lottery.

The National Lottery is monopolistically regulated by the Grand Duchess Charlotte National Endowment. This is a non-profit organization, which reports to the Prime Minister and the Minister of State. The proceeds from the state lottery go to charity.

Sole casino license holder - Casino 2000. If there is another candidate for running a gambling business in Luxembourg, then by law the Council of State will investigate and issue a permit, if the operator meets all the requirements.

Licensed varieties of gambling

The following types of games are allowed in Luxembourg:

  • poker (four types - at low rates, herd, Texas hold'em, omaha poker);
  • sports betting - all types and forms;
  • casino games;
  • slot machines - only allowed in casinos;
  • lotteries and bingo.

All types of poker can only be offered in casinos. Luxembourg government signed an agreement with poker organizers. They are allowed to hold any event at any venue (eg, in the bar), if the rates do not rise higher 50 EUR.

Casino games include:

  • roulette;
  • american roulette;
  • english roulette;
  • thirty forty;
  • blackjack;
  • craps;
  • punto bank;
  • poker stud;
  • baccarat of three types (baccarat railways, two-tier baccarat with limited bank and the spread, open bank two-tier baccarat.

Other games are allowed by the State Council after proper investigation.

Online gambling in Luxembourg

As for online gambling business, then the existing laws do not distinguish between land and online games. Thus, they obey the same rules, which also apply to land operators.

On practice, the only legal online brand in Luxembourg is the National Lottery. The lottery law directly states, that the National Trust has the right to offer any form of lotteries and sports betting, including online. I.e, in fact, online business is a state monopoly.

This situation is contrary to the provisions of the European Union, but the Luxembourg government does little, to fix the situation. Still unknown, is there any new gambling bill, especially online. However, there were no complaints about Luxembourg laws., and the European Commission has no reason to start an investigation.

Gambling legislation

Luxembourg's Basic Gambling Law - Gambling Law, acting since 20 April 1977 of the year. Its first article explicitly prohibits all gambling., because they are capable of causing irrational and destructive behavior.

Nevertheless, there is a list of laws and regulations, which regulate certain areas of the gambling business:

  • National Lottery Law from 22 May 2009 of the year sets the rules for the National Lottery. Only she has the right to conduct any type of lotteries and sports bets, including online versions;
  • ruling of the grand duke (Grand-Ducal Regulation) from 7 september 1987 year regulates sports betting;
  • decree of the grand duke from 12 february 1979 of the year, with regular amendments, legalizes casinos and establishes a list of licensed games;
  • law from 20 july 2002 year provides a list of rules for advertising and running lotteries of any type.

There are only two main operators in Luxembourg. The first is the Grand Duchess Charlotte National Trust (National Relief Work Grand Duchess Charlotte). Second - Casino 2000, located in the spa resort of Mondorf-les-Bains (Mondorf-les-Bains).

Luxembourg Casino in 2002 started an active program to protect against gambling addiction. All employees are regularly trained. They update the training every year, how to recognize problem players. Now the Casino program 2000 considered the best in the European Union.

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