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5 Martha 2011

With a more or less stable result in local lotteries, I wanted to try my hand at bourgeois lotteries. The jackpots are much higher there, than in our local lotteries. Recently, he periodically participated in the most popular lottery in the USA - Mega Millions, through the site bestlotеousa but, somehow without successfully. Although the methods and strategies used are the same. Here is the ticket price $ 2.00 (including service cost $1.00)

Recently I got to the website of a company, which already 10 years is the safest place to buy lottery tickets online, offering a safe and easy way to participate in one of America's many popular lotteries, Australia, Of Canada, Britain.

TheLotter is based in the UK and operates directly worldwide through local offices in over, than 30 locations.

Besides all the benefits, which are described below, I was personally interested in the opportunity to save money when buying tickets. Real system of discounts (screenshot):

Turkey lotteryAll lotteries represented by theLotter:

Europe North America

  • Europe - EuroMillions Federal:
  • Austria - Lotto Mega millions
  • France - Lotto Powerball
  • Germany - Lotto State Lottery:
  • Ireland Lotto California - Super Lotto
  • Italy - Super Enalotto Canada - Lotto 649
  • Poland - Lotto Colrado - Lotto
  • Spain - El Gordo Florida - Lotto
  • Spain - La Primitiva Illinois - Lotto
  • Sweden - Loto Indiana - Husser Loto
  • Sweden - Viking Lotto New Jersey - Peak Six
  • Turkey - Lotto 6/49 New York - Lotto
  • Turkey - Super Lotto 6/54 Oregon - Megabucks
  • United Kingdom - South America National Lottery
  • UK - Thunderball (Ball lightning) Brazil - Mega Sena

Oceania Africa

  • Australia Oz Lotto South Africa Lotto
  • Australia Powerball Lotto South Africa Powerball
  • Australia - Saturday Lotto
  • Australia - Lotto on Wednesdays
  • New Zealand - Powerball

Middle East

Israel - New Lotto

All pluses:

When filling out a form online, Your order is sent immediately to your local branch, where the automated system processes and prints the ordered ticket with the selected numbers. Then, representatives of local offices purchase a ticket on your behalf and place the scanned receipt on your account.. All tickets are stored securely at the point of purchase.

When the winning numbers are announced, an automated system will check the numbers and notify you immediately, in case of victory, by email. You can also receive SMS notifications for free, if select this option. A full report on your winnings can be viewed in your account on the website.

Winnings less 2 500$ will be transferred directly to your account on the site, and you can withdraw all or part of it using a credit card, bank transfer, check or prepaid MasterCard. You can also leave all or part of your winnings on the account on the site for future participation. Winnings over 2 500$ will be transferred directly to your bank account.

For the winners, broke the jackpot, TheLotter offers royal terms, will cover the winner's travel expenses, so that he can personally receive the winnings at the place of purchase of the ticket!

Your personal and billing information is saved with a VeriSign Security certificate with a 128-bit SSL security code, and the site ensures the security of all your personal information.

You can play right now, to win the BIGGEST jackpots today, 5,8,10,12,25, and even 100 million dollars!

At the time of publication in the American Lottery - Mega Millions, jackpot- 127,000,000 US$

Another not unimportant moment - EXCLUSIVE welcome package: buy one ticket - get the second free, plus cash BONUS 10$ !

Let's try ... go to the company's website >>

popularity of the note: 25%

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