Австралийские лотереи: высокие ставки и вероятный успех

Австралийские лотереи: характеристики, правила участия и отзывы

The True Odds of Winning Lotto — MUST READ!

The Lotto Odds Calculator on this website explains that it is not what the individual numbers are, but whether a match is made with the draw’s random sequence of numbers. The calculator provides the actual true mathematical odds and expected return, given any particular, part or whole sequence match with the draw.

In Australian lotto, every number has an equal chance of being drawn. The science of mathematics states that we cannot predict a sequence of numbers based on past draws.

The calculator admirably shows that paying for more games through Standard, QuickPick or System games only improves the odds by one and the only way of greatly improving the chances of a win is unique to Australian lotto through Pick and Powerhit entries.

When lotto was established in 1900 in Tasmania, George Adams agreed with the then Government, who was lobbied by the Thoroughbred and Dog Racing Industries, to incorporate a ‘Play the Field bet (entry)’ in all lotto draws. This was a legislated agreement for all future lotto draws. It was an attempt by the powerful lobbyists to keep George out of ‘their patch’ because they didn’t think he could have a Play the Field entry with lotto. Clever George called these a ‘Pick’ entry. It was called a ‘Power Hit’ on the Powerball Thursday draw and a ‘Pick 6’ on the Tuesday Ozlotto, when they were established in the early 1990s — to satisfy the original lotto legislation.

The following information, based on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday draw (6 from 45), provides Lotto players further clarification to better understand how the odds are greatly improved with a ‘Pick’ entry. Simply click on each heading to reveal the answers.




  1. father, dad


Inflection of tat
nominative sing. tat
genitive sing. tatan
partitive sing. tatad
partitive plur. tatoid
singular plural
nominative tat tatad
accusative tatan tatad
genitive tatan tatoiden
partitive tatad tatoid
essive-instructive tatan tatoin
translative tataks tatoikš
inessive tatoiš
elative tataspäi tatoišpäi
illative ? tatoihe
adessive tatoil
ablative tatalpäi tatoilpäi
allative tatale tatoile
abessive tatoita
comitative tatanke tatoidenke
prolative tatadme tatoidme
approximative I tatanno tatoidenno
approximative II tatannoks tatoidennoks
egressive tatannopäi tatoidennopäi
terminative I ? tatoihesai
terminative II tatalesai tatoilesai
terminative III tatassai
additive I ? tatoihepäi
additive II tatalepäi tatoilepäi

Derived termsedit

  • ezitat
  • tatannimi

Zajceva, N. G.; Mullonen, M. I. (2007) , “отец, папа”, in Uz’ venä-vepsläine vajehnik / Novyj russko-vepsskij slovarʹ , Petrozavodsk: Periodika

Tatts Group History

The company had three divisions: Lotteries, Wagering and Gaming Solutions.


Tatts Group has a near monopoly on lotteries in Australia. Tatts Lotteries is the Lotteries Operating Unit of Tatts Group and as of September 2013 the company owned or leased:

  • Tatts Lottery, which operates lotteries in Victoria, Tasmania, and The Northern Territory.
  • Golden Casket, which exclusively operates lotteries in Queensland.
  • NSW Lotteries, which operates lotteries in New South Wales and The Australian Capital Territory.
  • SA Lotteries. which exclusively operates lotteries in South Australia.

On 1 June 2016 Tatts Group created a national lottery brand called ‘the Lott’. The brand encompasses all its jurisdictional lottery brands under this single entity. Corresponding with the change in branding, online lottery purchases were moved from Tatts.com to the new official lotteries website thelott.com.

Racing and sports wagering

Tatts Group holds wagering licences under its subsidiary UBET in Queensland, South Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania. Most of these assets were previously owned by UniTAB before it merged with Tattersalls Limited to form the modern Tatts Group in 2007. All of the licences entitle the company to the exclusive operation of physical betting shops which offer totaliser, fixed odds and sports wagering in their respective jurisdictions. The company also operates online nationally as Ubet.com providing racing and sports wagering products.

Its shops operated under several different brand names due to its string of acquisitions, including TAB, TattsBet, Unitab, and others. On 27 November 2014, Tatts Group announced that it would begin to unify all of its wagering properties under the new brand UBET in 2015.

Gaming solutions

Comprising two companies, Maxgaming and ByteCraft. Tatts Group both operates and provides services for electronic gaming machines (known in Australian slang as «pokies», shortened from «poker machines»).


Provides monitoring solutions and value adding services to the Australian gaming machine industry. Many Australian state governments have legislated mandatory monitoring for all gaming machines they license, to protect the integrity of the industry. Under this system, Monitoring Licences are granted to independent companies who operate computer networks connected to all gaming machines within a relevant jurisdiction. All machine activity is monitored to ensure that correct prizes are paid and taxes are calculated correctly on revenue.

MaxGaming holds licences for three jurisdictions: New South Wales, Queensland and The Northern Territory. Queensland is the only monitoring licence that isn’t exclusive, nonetheless MaxGaming still has around an 80% market share in that state.


ByteCraft is an electronics specialisation company that Tatts Group Acquired primarily to maintain gaming machines. However the company isn’t limited to gaming machines as its major contract is for the maintenance of Telstra’s payphone networks.



From Proto-Uralic *tukta (“cross-beam”). Cognate with Finnish (“thwart (of a ship)”), Komi-Zyrian тік (tïk, “cross wood, cross bar”), and Selkup (“thwart (of a ship)”).


tat (plural )

  1. (nautical) stern (the rear part or after end of a ship or vessel)


Inflection (stem in -o-, back harmony)
singular plural
non-attributivepossessive — singular
non-attributivepossessive — plural
Possessive forms of tat
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. tatjaim
2nd person sing. tatod tatjaid
3rd person sing. tatja tatjai
1st person plural tatunk tatjaink
2nd person plural tatotok tatjaitok
3rd person plural tatjuk tatjaik

tat in Bárczi, Géza and László Országh: A magyar nyelv értelmező szótára (’The Explanatory Dictionary of the Hungarian Language’). Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1959–1962.

Призы и джекпот в PowerBall Australia

Существует 9 победных категорий, один из которых — джекпот. Все призы выдают разом наличными. Налога на выигрыш нет.

Призовой фонд делится на 9 частей. Каждая доля поровну раздаётся всем призёрам категории. Чем больше билетов куплено, тем крупнее сумма призового фонда.

Комбинация номеров Часть призового фонда Примерный выигрыш, австралийские доллары Примерный выигрыш, рубли
2+PB 26,3% 10 – 12 430 – 530
3+PB 15% 18 – 20 800 – 900
5 7,6% 40 – 45 1,750 – 2,000
4+PB 9,7% 70 – 75 3,000 – 3,300
5+PB 1,5% 150 – 180 6,600 – 8,000
6 2% 430 – 460 19,000 – 20,000
6+PB 1,1% 4 000 – 4200 175,500 – 184,200
7 1,8% 90 000 – 100 000 4,000,000 – 5,000,000
7+PB 35% Джекпот

от 3 до 110 млн


от 131 млн до 5 млрд

Чтобы сорвать джекпот, нужно угадать все 8 номеров в билете. Минимальный джекпот — 3 млн австралийских долларов.

В PowerBall действует ролловер: когда никто не уносит главный приз, следующий джекпот увеличивается примерно на 1–1.5 млн австралийских долларов.

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